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I know, I know... Everybody wants to sell something right? But, you're already our customer, and we want to share something with you that you won't find anywhere else. Our goal is to be the best part of your vacation. So, consider this suggestion...

We offer two other activities that you really don't want to miss while you're here. Our Pearl Harbor Tour in combination with our Ka Moana Luau is the perfect follow-up to the Circle Island Tour... Like Day 1 and Day 2. The prices we offer our in-house customers are the lowest available anywhere guaranteed. There's even a Buy One Get One Free option for you... Take a look real quick and see what I mean.

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Please consider our other adventures at a special price that you won't find anywhere else

Aloha Pearl Harbor

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Pearl Harbor is the #1 visitor attraction in Hawaii, and the ultimate "MUST DO" for any vacation to the Aloha State. We want you to become our guest for an important day of history and remembrance. We believe that we offer the best combo of experience and value, and we want to share it with you. There are many tour companies that imitate our itinerary, but they cannot match our experience. Take a deeper look at what this tour has to offer at this incredible value, and then let's get your spaces and tickets. Transport, Arizona Tickets, Documentary, 2 Museums, Tour of Honolulu City including Kamehameha Statue... This is the half day trip you need.

Ka Moana Luau

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Ka Moana is a flagship Luau hosted at a flagship location. The food is catered by the Chart House in Waikiki, which is a really famous restaurant. The Luau Show is amazing, with all the fire dancing you can handle. Don't miss out on this special price that you won't find anywhere else. Ka Moana Luau takes guests on a voyage through Polynesia with dances, chants and activities from across the Pacific. Participate in interactive cultural activities before the show like lei-making, hula lessons, headband weaving & more! Feast on an island-inspired farm-to-table luau dinner complete with island favorites that are sure to please everyone.

BOGO On Either One

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Take any one of our specials and turn it into a Buy One Get One Free offer. Just buy one ticket at the retail price, and then other ticket is free. Promotional participation is required for this super deal. Simply attend a 45 minute travel webinar from a computer, and discover how to beat the system of outrageous hotel and travel expenses. You should be paying MUCH LESS than you are right now, and this webinar will show you exactly how. The webinar is free, but seats are limited, so try to book ahead. The webinar is free and you can attend on any day, but you must complete it before you get the BOGO Tickets.

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